Female watches brand list top ten, the best ladies watch brand

1, Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe) Patek Philippe, founded on May 1, 1839, is the only replica watches manufacturer that operates entirely independently of the family. Patek Philippe watches has always attached importance to shape design and production processes, in the design, production until the assembly process as a whole to enjoy the full freedom of innovation, is the world's only brand in the watches all the movement was "Geneva Seal" (Geneva Seal) brand. Independence is the core concept of Patek Philippe, to ensure that products uphold the tradition, trustworthy. 2, Vacheron Constantin (Vacheron Constantin) Created in 1755, Vacheron Constantin has a history of 260 years, the founder Jean Marc Washlon (Jean Marc Vacheron) is a profound humanist. As the world's long history of the watch manufacturer, Vacheron Constantin adhering to the "go all out to strive for excellence," the motto of the brand, each of its timepieces are representative of the Swiss watchmaking advanced tabulation process. Vacheron Constantin known as the aristocratic works of art, has been in the Swiss watch industry plays a key role. 3, Audemars Piguet (Audemars Piguet) One of the world famous three watch brands. In 1875, Jules-Louis Audemars and friend Edward-Auguste Piguet co-founded the Audemars Piguet brand in the town of Blasso, Switzerland. , Identifies the AP, is to take the two founders in the first letter of the alphabet "A" and "P" composition. In 1972, Audemars Piguet launched a full-steel high-end sports watch series "Royal Oak" (Royal Oak), a watch industry classic. 4, Breguet (Breguet) Founded in 1775 by A.-Louis. Breguet, 240 years of history. Industry Breguet "watch king" of the title, but also "the father of modern watch" in the world. Because Breguet invented the industry more than 70% of the technology, its most representative of the three complex functions of the invention of the tourbillon, perpetual calendar and the three asked the spring. Swatch Group is now owned (Swatch Group). Breguet watches royal favored by the French King Louis XVI and Queen Mary are the respected Breguet, the British Queen Victoria and British Prime Minister Churchill and other celebrities are Breguet customers. The slogan "Breguet, the innovator." In 2004 to enter the Chinese market. 5, Girard Perregaux (Girard-Perregaux) Girard Perregaux is one of the oldest five replica watches uk brands in the world, dating back to 1791, 223 years ago. After more than 200 years of baptism, the Swiss watchmaking heritage and historical and cultural heritage created the Girard Perregaux watch brand in Switzerland, the supreme top position in the watch. 6, Hao Jue (ROGER DUBIUS) Compared to other centuries watch brand is quite young, but its distinguished temperament has been different from other top watch brands, its strong distinctive style impressive. Each watch models are limited production, fully reflect the brand's pursuit of the perfect luxury attitude to life. 7, Parmigiani (PARMIGIANI) The world's leading Swiss watch brands, in 1996 was born in the center of Walter Traverse. With the support of the Sandoz Family Foundation and its commitment to the protection of high quality Swiss craftsmanship, Parmigiani has become one of the few independent watch brands to have its own full-line production network today. "The heart of the technology director" Parma Johnny has always been committed to the dream of a senior tabulation into reality. 8, Blancpain (BLANCPAIN) Was born in 1735, is Switzerland's oldest rolex replica brand, is the world's first registered watch brand. 9, Athens watches (ULYSSE NARDIN) Founded in 1846, has gone through 160 years, as the world's top watches, Athens in its long-term background, the superb watchmaking technology and innovation ability, has become synonymous with it. Athens, the first to start the navigation clock, the production of the navigation clock is the most reliable navigational instruments ever, the world's more than 50 countries, the Navy's essential equipment, Athens enamel, dolls asked, fantasy Tourbillon and unparalleled astronomical three The Ministry of music and other famous, so that it ranks the top of the world watches. 10, the flange Mueller (FRANK MULLER) FRANCK MULLER, an independent designer started with the idea of ​​avant-garde creativity and subversion of the traditional concept of time to read, in a short span of more than 10 years swept the high watches market.