The most suiwatches for petty women wear the top ten watch brands

Petty bourgeoisie does not know when it began to pop up, as a almost no precise definition of new words, it is not as the middle class as more clear. But according to the author's observation, the word often appears in the petty bourgeoisie on behalf of a life style or taste of the time, or a "neither soil, nor ho" life. Thus, in the end what kind of watch brand is more suiwatches for petty bourgeoisie, but also the petty bourgeoisie this group is also easier to analyze, and today to temporarily share with you 10 "neither soil nor ho", looks to some extent Is also just a good watch brand (in alphabetical order). LONGINES Longines is a product range is very large tabulation brand, but have to say is, whether it is Longines name, or some of the entry-level Longines Ladies replica watches the price and quantity are more suiwatches for on here. To express the dragonfly wings hourglass is also the introduction of their own "elegant, is the basic values ​​of Longines, the brand to heritage and innovative aesthetic tradition as a basis, exquisite and classic design of the perfect balance between the dripping reflected in each Pieces of work on top, thus creating a timeless elegance. Gucci 丨 GUCCI The brand has always been to high-end, luxury, sexy and well-known to the "identity and wealth of the symbol" of the brand image of the so-called upper-class consumption darling has been favored by fashionable women, but stylish yet elegant, Is now Italy's largest fashion group. Is not at first glance feeling such a high standard of the brand, watches certainly cheaper, but compared to other fashion brands with the watch, or a lot cheaper, or even thousands of yuan can buy the brand watches. Maurice Lacroix Amy is still a Swiss independent tabulation brand, but the creation time is not long, to 1998 also officially entered the Chinese market, as a lot of male brands also have the brand, but the Chinese translation sounds like a female swiss replica watches charm, There was a goddess-level friends to communicate to me especially the brand she wore, because she was not familiar with the brand, Amy, after all, is a relatively young, into the Chinese market is relatively late watch brand. Mido 丨 MIDO Mido's brand spirit is the so-called "inspired proof eternal", so that fleeting inspiration to bring eternal moving, so the United States and some of the products are added with exotic cultural elements. At the same time, the United States and the degree of self-proclaimed in its development process has always adhered to the four strategies are: 1, distinctive style; 2, accurate mechanical travel time; 3, unique Aquadura seal crown system; 4, 100% Swiss manufacturing. Movado 丨 Movado Movado with its iconic Museum Museum dial and very modern design is known for its unique beauty so that Movado different. From 1910 to 1925, Movado has become a leader in the development of small movements, has also become a special research and development of highly imaginative, exquisite shape of the new female watch the power. So Movado this relatively advanced, unique post-modern style, so many fans of the watches to enjoy the unique appreciation. Citizen Citizen, represented by the Japanese watch brand in the last century, the seventies and eighties to the Swiss watch industry caused a huge impact, of which the kinetic energy is Citizen's patented technology. In addition to technological innovation, the Citizen brand should be the most prominent feature is more close to the people, Citizen Citizen is the name of the foreign language, is intended to open up the mass consumer market. Certina Certina This is a veteran Swiss watchmaking enterprises, by vigorously devoting themselves to the international motor sport, snow iron satisfied that the consolidation of replica watches its usual heroic line, part of the female form does not lose this style. Since 2013, Citroen became the official FIA World Rally Championship partner and when the business is also in this year, Citroen image of the company logo system has been changed, the new addition to the elegant green, a symbol of life, Good luck and success, but also to show the excellent quality of Citroen turtle logo and "DS" words directly into the corporate logo. Tissot 丨 TISSOT Tissot products in a variety of T series more common, although the history of Tissot is very long, founded in Switzerland in 1853, was also one of the upper class of choice, but after several changes, especially after entering the Swiss watches group, fully positioned In close to the watches grade, it has also become a domestic first entering the workplace, or the Swiss brand more popular, but not want to spend too much money to buy a watches of friends choice, of course, including many female friends. Plum 丨 Titoni This is because the entry into the Chinese market earlier, once and Rolex, Omega and other luxury watch ranks among the ranks of the Swiss watch brand, of course, this is mainly due to the initial policy of reform and opening up, resulting in the import brand is relatively scarce, so the older generation It is a favorite of these few Swiss watches brands, including plum watches. Later, a large number of Swiss orthodox luxury watch brand into the Chinese market, plum watches also relegated to second, the price also return to the ranks of the people. Radar 丨 RADO Rado watch is also a traditional Swiss watch brand, although the ranks of luxury brands, but because the price is relatively close to the people, it also has a very rich flavor of the petty bourgeoisie. Radar has produced the world's first not easy to wear oval-shaped "Diamond Star" watch for the rapid development of future radar laid the foundation. Now the radar, some people will still be the name of the radar watches with the material is not easy to wear made of personalized design of the watch together.